George Dreyfus Quartet


Celebrate a life in music with George Dreyfus, the esteemed composer whose work has given Australians an orchestral style to call their very own.

Following his family’s escape from Berlin to Australia in 1939, Dreyfus began singing in the synagogue choir. After studying music he joined the ABC’s Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a number of touring companies. He has composed scores for film and television. His contributions to contemporary classical music have seen him immortalised as a clue in the Trivial Pursuit board game. In 1992, he was made a Member of the Order of Australia. Dreyfus archived his long and storied career in the 1984 autobiography The Last Frivolous Book and the 2009 memoir Don’t Ever Let Them Get You!

The Salon | 11:00am (Daytime) | 35 mins