Hotel Record – crys cole & oren ambarchi


Layering recordings from a trip to Thailand with vocoder whispers, acoustic instrumentation and breathy organs, Hotel Record is a testament to the intense alchemy of intimacy between two people.

crys cole grew up searching for artists creating outside the mainstream. Ambarchi fell asleep listening to records by John Coltrane and Cecil Taylor. His journey into spiritual jazz led him to New York, where he explored Jewish mysticism, from the yeshiva by day, to the clubs at night, Ambarchi eventually hooked up with John Zorn and recorded on his Tzadik label as part of the Radical Jewish Culture series. cole and Ambarchi are constant companions crisscrossing the earth, most recently performing in Jerusalem. 

This improvisational game will be followed by a short Q&A.

Performance + Q&A: The Salon | 1:00pm (Daytime) | 45 Mins

AAA (Oren Ambarchi): The Salon | 8:15pm (Evening) | 40 Mins

Seating on a first comes, first served basis.