Neil Morris aka DRMNGNOW is a poet, musician, educator and First Nations community activist.

Presenting an exclusive piece for FOJAM, Morris considers the longstanding connection between First Nations peoples and the Jewish people. The connection dates back to 

Yorta Yorta man William Cooper who heroically protested against the treatment of the Jewish people, leading a protest to the German embassy in Melbourne in 1938. This evocative performance is both political and personal—including instrumental accompaniment from other First Nations artists based on the Kulin land.

RRR’s Still Here cohost, DJ and producer, Paul Gorrie, a Gunai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta man, will curate a playlist of contemporary music by First Nations artists.

Performance: Elisabeth Murdoch Hall | 11:15am (Daytime) | 20 mins

DJ Paul Gorrie: Juliette Balcony (Foyer) | 10:30am (Daytime) | 60 mins